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Posted by Leslie on August 30, 2012 at 7:50 PM

(I am stealing Jerry's blog for a minute.....)


I have been thinking about the relationships I have developed on Facebook. I am lucky enough to have collected a number of friends there that I truly cherish. I have friends that I absolutely love. I was asked, though, “How can you call people you have never met friends?” Well, that made me think. Does meeting someone in person make them a better friend then someone I have met on FB? In thinking about this, for me, I can say that yes, I can call these “friends” true friends. If I have a friend who has moved away and we only talk by email, does that make them any less a friend? Sure, people can easily lie and be completely dishonest about who they are, but can’t they do that just as easily in person?


I have had some very in-depth conversations with some of my online friends that have endeared me to them as much as if they were standing next to me. I feel for them when things are not going well and I celebrate for them when they have victories in their lives.


I think about, if I physically met this person, would they like me? Would I like them? I’m not sure if it would matter. I have met wonderful people all over the world, which I would not have met without Facebook. And for that, I am truly grateful.


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