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The Larch

Posted by Jerry McKinney on April 7, 2011 at 8:03 PM Comments comments (2)

Ive never actually seen a Larch (to my knowledge), Just a bit on Monty Python's Flying Circus. But author Lori Lopez wrote a wonderful poem about one and the best part.. it ends badly! Muhahahaha To see more of Ms. Lopez's work go to trilllogicinnoventions.com

A Larch

A larch grew in a shady grove

Where motion hardly ever hove

So dense the thicket and remote

Concealed, embraced by elaborate dote

A jungly mungly sheltered tangle

Riper than a newfound-fangle

Dense and dark and twice as deep

In all but smallness could not creep

The larch's boughs were ever green

Needled, bristling, seldom seen

How sad, such beauty unadmired

Except the few least awe-inspired

A humble lot too preoccupied

To heed what Nature sought to hide

Until the day when stumbled on

Precisely at the hint of dawn

This treasure buried in the copse

An emerald tree with fears and hopes

The larch drew up to its full height

Presenting quite a splendid sight

To greet the hiker open-armed

The visitor was moved and charmed

Communing there till late at night

By solitude of lantern-light

Profundant silence did abound

In understanding without sound

An intertwining, mind and spirit

A song and dance, though none could hear it

Should others follow as they do

And peace be fractured, more the rue

A careless toss, a smoking stub

Would kindle flames and there's the rub

For paradise will have its end

A perfect day cannot extend

Beyond the moment two lives meet

When worlds collide and time is sweet

Too good to last, it has to fade

As sunlight always turns to shade

And thus this larch must stand alone

So rarely glimpsed; again unknown.

I Believe in Werewolves

Posted by Jerry McKinney on April 6, 2011 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (1)

Announced today

From Mikel Classen @ Netboundpublishing: Here it is, unveiled for the first time, (trumpet fanfare) the Table of Contents for the "I Believe In Werewolves" anthology book!


Afternoon Tea by Jennifer Tucker

Winter Moon by John Irvine

Justice Comes With The Moon by Jeremiah Coe

The Hunger Within by Elizabeth Kolodziej

Werewolves Of Mauvin by Robert A. Read

The Reunion by Melissa Stevens

No Poaching Allowed by Rob M. Miller

Lily's Angel by Shawn Pfister

The Lycaning by Lori R. Lopez

Parenting - Not For The Faint Of Heart by Scott M. Goriscak

Lakota Justice by Blaze McRob

For The Good Of The Fatherland by Mary L. Underwood

Queen Of The Dogs by Lee Pletzers

Once Bitten - Not So Shy by Sirrah Medeiros

Lie Canthropy by Jerry McKinney

The Seventh Son by Melissa Stevens

Mouretta by Linda Lovecraft

Solitary by Michael Bertolini

Wolf Killer by Mikel B. Classen

The Investigation by Jennifer Tucker




Posted by Jerry McKinney on April 2, 2011 at 5:12 PM Comments comments (4)

A certain distaste in my mouth with blogs. Usually used to praise one's or another's works. (I say let their works speak for themselves.) Maybe used to point out a disjustice befallen upon a chosen few. (Hey, he asked for it.) And sometimes written to amuse. Hmmmm... (I've been told hmmm speaks for itself.)


I have chosen this blog to merely say welcome. Come in, sign the guestbook and watch this thing grow with me. I promise to say whats on my mind and I definately not here to kiss anyone's ass. Well, maybe my own, but my lips won't reach.


Coming out this month is Netbound Publishing's I Believe in Werewolves. Included in this anthology is my story Lie Canthropy. I think it's a great story, but I promise you, I am extremely biased. So like I said earlier, let my work speak for itself.


Thanks for stopping by and let's have some really awesome nightmares together.