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 My name is Graeme Reynolds, and I write horror fiction. It has been six hours since I last decapitated someone in my head. How I came to embark on such a dark and twisted path is a long, drawn out and tedious tale. But I'm going to tell you anyway. Writing was always something that I enjoyed, even as a child. I can remember one teacher taking me aside, when I had another outburst of anger and emotion at something in class, and told me that if I was having trouble handling things, then writing it down somewhere instead of lobbing a waste paper bin at the child that had been tormenting me, was a much more constructive way of dealing with your emotions. It was great advice, and something that I still use when things play on my mind. There are few things as satisfying as writing someone who has wronged you into a story, and then having them get brutally gang raped by a bunch of tramps, or get torn to shreds by an angry werewolf. For a lot of years, however, I didn't really do anything with it. I made a couple of false starts with a novel that I'd been thinking about, but decided that spending my time in the pub, drunk, or bouncing around a field at 4am with a silly grin on my face was a more constructive way to use my time.


It wasn't until I reached my mid thirties, and calmed down a wee bit, that I turned back to the writing. I wrote some flash fiction horror stories, and was astonished that they got published. That spurred me on, and after selling 30 short stories and flash fiction pieces to various ezines and anthologies, I turned back to the novel. The short stories had been great for honing my craft and trying different things out, but novels was where my heart was set, and in November 2011 my first book, High Moor, came out. Again, astonishingly, a lot of people seemed to like it and it's had not only some great reviews, but it's selling pretty consistently.


I moved to the Bristol area from my native North East when I was 18 years old, as part of my spectacularly short military career, and last year I finally moved away. This time to a 7 acre smallholding in mid-Wales, along with 2 pigs, 3 goats, 2 geese, 3 horses, 3 ducks, 3 cats and about 15 chickens. I told my other half that I wanted to become self sufficient to an extent, although I didn't mention my zombie apocalypse hideaway plans to her when we bought the place. Now I just need to come up with some reason to explain the 10 foot wall I want to build around the place.


My next project, which is due out around February or March 2013, is, unsurprisingly, the sequel to my first novel, called Moonstruck. It's a direct continuation from the events in the first book, which means that I can't go into any real detail without spoiling the plot of the first novel. All I can say is that it's about werewolves, and I try to maintain the balance of dark humour, tension, fast paced action and appalling gore that made the first book such a success.


Once I ship Moonstruck off to the editor, then I'll be getting straight on with the third book in the series, which has a tentative title of Moonborn. I also write short stories set in the High Moor universe, and these get posted on my blog as a little thank you to the people that enjoyed the book. It's quite satisfying to be able to flesh things out and build a world beyond what I can manage in a trilogy.














The lovely Lucy Pireel!



Let me introduce to you Lucy Pireel!



A fun loving, eternally optimistic, ever smiling writerly type. She loves to get herself knotted up into the most intricate yoga poses to stretch out those sore muscles. Sitting  behind a desk all day hammering away at her keyboard does funny things to her body. Things that need to be ironed out again and no better way to do just that than sweating over a leg that needs to go up while the head goes down. hahahha.


What got me into writing, or rather who, is my son. He wanted pirate stories, but not the sappy kind. There had to be mayhem. I had to come up with those myself and I did. Which sparked something and I went down the rabbit hole into the imaginary world of what could be if only ...


And boy, there's so much that could be. Horrid things and romantic things and things that make you smile or get you mad. I'm straying off the path again, aren't I? Right about me. I'm all over the place and focussed at the same time, a multi-tasker and a procrastinator, or procaffinator, because I love coffee. A nice red or a bit of Calvados go down well too, specially it there's dark chocolate to be had and ... Oh, boy I'm salivating. Hahahha


Anyways, enough about me. Let's talk about that writerly stuff I'm into. Once upon a time there were those lovely fairy tales, with heroines so sweet the enamel chips off your teeth. Couldn't have that happening, could we? So, I came up with a small collection of twisted fairy tales. And being a smarty pants I listened to a good friend of mine and went into self-publishing these lovelies. Specially after a friend offered to do my cover. Which turned out more than fine. Have a look yourself and tell me I'm wrong. *waits a moment to give you the chance to take in that super cover* Right. You agree, eh? A very good cover indeed you say? Wow, thanks! Or right I had not much to do with that apart from picking the great photo from Nineteen68, another friend.


So, there you have it Red Gone Bad, a small collection of twisted fairy tales. Could be yours for only $0.99 on Amazon:




Or on Smashwords for those who do not own a Kindle:







Introducing Martin Reaves!



A Little About How and Why Martin Does What Martin Does


I am primarily a writer of suspense/thrillers with a psychological edge.  And sometimes horror...or humor...heck, even romance. (Aren't all these things connected on some level?)  My writing comes not so much from my experience as my fears and feelings.  The typical story will generally spring from some tiny irritation or dread, and my mind will run with it and start wondering what would happen if that small thing became something much larger and nastier.  But that’s only usually…recently I got a tapeworm of an idea from a road sign.  A simple sign on the freeway pointing to an off-ramp for a street with a young girl’s name.  By the end of this hours-long road trip, that girl’s name had turned into what feels like could be an epic horror trilogy.  I have started it but backed off because, quite frankly, I’m scared.  Scared I’ll ruin it, or write it too soon and bruise it…maybe scared some of the ideas running around my brain will take on too much of a life of their own and outrun me...or perhaps start to be a little too true and send what’s left of my mind packing.  It’s an odd and exhilarating experience and I can’t wait to see where it all comes out. 


I write because it is what I am wired to do.  I’ve been attacking the blank page semi-seriously for close to thirty years, and very seriously for the past twenty-five or so.  To write well is my ultimate goal…this does not always include (for me) lots of flash and gore and tension, although some or all of those things may find their way into my fiction.  For me, to write well is to put Martin and his ego as far away from the reader as possible.  If I get too clever the reader will see it—I try to avoid that at all costs.  In the reader’s mind I should not exist.  There is no author; there is no page; there is no book.  There are only the story, the characters, and the reader, all locked in an embrace for 1, 20, or 400 pages.  If I can pull that off…we all win.


I have been happily married to my childhood sweet-patootie for twenty-seven years, and I have two incredible adult daughters who I consider among my best friends.  Reading and Writing are twin first-loves, followed by music—I am a musician and singer and have been performing semi-professionally for longer than I'd care to think about.  Originally from L.A., I now reside in the quaint Northern California mining town of Auburn, above Sacramento in the Sierra Foothills.  Auburn is considered to be quite haunted and that suits me just fine.


I have two novels currently available that are not so much prequel/sequels as “companion” books, i.e., they play well together and have recurring characters, but can be read in any order.  In this case, the egg came first: Relative Karma, followed by the chicken: Relative Sanity.  My latest book is a collection of short, dark tales, Dark Thoughts.



It’s been getting some nice attention and reviews, which is very gratifying as a few of these stories are from many years past.  I am patting myself on the shoulder for deciding to dust them off and drag their near-dead corpses into the light.  Dark Thoughts is available in eBook format as well as paperback here: http://tiny.cc/20n0mw.

When not selling plastic to support my writing habit, I (and my books) can be found here:

Facebook Author: https://www.facebook.com/MartinReavesAuthor?ref=hl#

Facebook Personal: https://www.facebook.com/Mottlee

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Martin-Reaves/e/B005DI98LG/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1




Hello Greg James....aka G.R. Yates!!



This Darkness Thine

I am G.R. Yeates and, like most writers, I've been writing and creating stories as far back as I can remember. I live in London and I grew up in the counties of East Anglia in England, specifically Essex and Suffolk. Now, one of the questions writers get asked is what made you start writing and, when you're a horror writer, you are asked why you write about such horrible things. I have a couple of releases coming up towards the end of 2012 which kind of answer those two questions.

I've always written but there was no sense of urgency to the work until my teenage years. Those years were grim and I see them through a much clearer prism in recent months as my life has become much happier than it used to be. A mixture of familial neglect and consistent abuse from my peers led to my enjoyment in the act of writing becoming a need. If I had not had that outlet then I seriously think that I would not be here today and, at the time, the seeds were sown for my novella, The Thing Behind the Door. It is a fusion of many things; painful memories and brutal adolescent feelings; an attempt to incorporate Lovecraftian cosmic horror into the darkest places of our mundane world; a tribute to the Polish writer, Tadeusz Borowski, and his seminal work This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen; and a response to writers like Stephen King and Jodi Picoult who have written effective stories of high school revenge-tragedy but from a distance. I am not at a distance though I wish that I was often enough. I survived my suicide attempt and, in that respect, The Thing Behind the Door stands as what will likely be my most personally significant work. It is the document of what it felt like to be the boy I was back then and of the acts of greater darkness human beings commit against one another only to laugh about or ignore them afterwards.

The Thing Behind the Door will be released for Christmas 2012.

For Halloween this year, I am releasing a novella entitled This Darkness Mine and in some ways it picks up where The Thing Behind the Door's bilious adolescent fury comes to an end (even though I am releasing it first, just to mess with you).

It is a story of corporate horror, of which we have plenty these days given so many of us work as cubicle-bound pod-people by day, but it is also a look at the Western world as it stands in the 21st century. A medicated place of human beings, barely alive, clinging desperately to religion, politicians and workplaces that consistently fail them.

Just as The Thing Behind the Door is in many ways the culmination of my need to write myself out of the hole that had been dug for me by others in my youth, This Darkness Mine was likely the difference between me holding it all together and having a nervous breakdown at the time it was first drafted when I was an adult.

This Darkness Mine is Beat Horror that draws heavily upon the lingering spirits of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and, most of all, William S. Burroughs. His caustic masterpiece, Naked Lunch, was his bestiary of everything wrong with the world in the late fifties and This Darkness Mine is my own catalogue of the shared dementia that makes up our existence. Like The Thing Behind the Door, it is not the book I wanted to write necessarily but it was one that I needed to because sometimes, as writers, we need to do more than just entertain you.

If you would like to find out more about G.R. Yeates and his work, please visit the following links:






Lets re-visit Kevin Hopson!


 I am re-posting Kevin's feature since he has a new book out called "Three Miles Below".  We are also celebrating his son, Skyler's first birthday!!  Happy Birthday Skyler!!


Here is the description of Kevin's new book as well as an Excerpt!

 When an earthquake hits, Mackenzie and two of his co-workers are forced to take shelter in a refuge chamber three miles below ground, uncertain of the damage around and above them. Weighing their options, the three must decide whether to stay put or take their chances climbing to the surface, though making it to ground level is just half of the battle.


I placed the hard hat atop my head, fitting the goggles snug to my face. Daemon and Tayt followed suit. We also wore gloves, dust masks, knee guards, and forearm guards. Despite there being some natural ventilation throughout the mine, the air quality likely had deteriorated.

“I’ll go first,” Daemon said.

Not wanting to debate, I stepped aside, granting him his wish. Kneeling next to the hatch, I grasped the giant wheel handle with both hands, Tayt ultimately coming to my aid.

“You know, Daemon.” I chuckled. “You should be the one doing this.”

“You got that right, Mack,” Tayt teased.

Daemon grinned as he towered over us.

The handle finally budged, allowing me to push the door ajar. Just as Daemon bent down to stick his head out, another quake struck. Small rocks, dirt, and dust descended from the tunnel roof outside, at least from what I could see with my head lamp. Daemon, still hunched over, blocked the chamber exit, effectively sheltering me and Tayt from the falling debris. The trembling subsided a few seconds later.

“That sounded shallow,” Daemon commented.

“It’s not uncommon,” I replied, “especially with weaker quakes.”

“They’re definitely close,” Tayt added.

I looked up at Daemon. “I think it’s safe for the time being, so let’s move while we can.”

He helped me back to my feet and then took the lead.

Once outside the chamber, I lifted my head to the ceiling, aiming my light at the view above. Tiny pockets of debris, mostly rock particles, peppered my goggles on the way down. Steel frames, reinforced with nine-inch nails, supported the weight of the rock face around us, while safety mesh kept larger fragments from falling through.




All about Kevin!

I have been an author with MuseItUp Publishing since the company's start-up in 2010. I have four books contracted with MuseItUp (three published and one slated for release this October) and I focus primarily on the science fiction, dark fiction, paranormal, and crime fiction genres. The past two years have been a roller coaster ride with regard to my personal life. Before the release of my debut book, my first son - Aydin - was stillborn at 36 weeks on August 28, 2010. The pain of losing a child surpassed anything I had ever felt before. Though I continued writing as a means of trying to deal with the grief, it wasn't the same. My mind was elsewhere, so my work suffered. As a result, I ended up taking a long break from writing (several months) to get things in order.

Miraculously, my second son - Skyler - came into this world on October 23, 2011. He is nearly eight months old now, and he helped provide the inspiration to write again. He wasn't the only one, though. My father passed shortly after Skyler's birth (just eight weeks later), and it wasn't until then that I truly ventured back into writing. After experiencing two huge losses and the miracle of life all within a sixteen-month span, my perspective changed. I wanted to honor my family and make them proud. I couldn't think of a better way to do this than through my writing. I no longer took things for granted, and I even came to terms with my losses, though I will forever grieve those who have passed before me. With a new outlook on life, my writing began to flourish, and my most recent book (yet to be released) is proof of it. In fact, some of my personal experiences are shared through the story's main character.

Ever since that dreaded day in 2010, I have been on a mission to give back to those less fortunate. Despite my loss, there are others in far worse situations than me. In addition to performing "random acts of kindness" for people, I have donated all of my book royalties to various charities the past two years. I don't make a ton of money off of my books, but every little bit helps. My most recent release by MuseItUp Publishing, Early Release for Bad Behavior, has been my best-selling book, so I have been pushing it more than others in my campaign to raise money. Some of the charities I give to are Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, MISS Foundation, March of Dimes, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, American Cancer Society, American Stroke Association, and the American Heart Association (among others, including animal rights groups). I hope people will take a chance on my writing, enjoy the stories I tell, and give to a good cause in the process. I thank Jerry for this opportunity, and I am grateful to all of my fellow writers, readers, family, and friends.



Hello Todd Brown!



Welcome to MY world…

A few minutes with author TW Brown.

Tucked away in the Pacific Northwest with my wife Denise, a Border Collie named Aoife, a guitar collection, and an increasing number of aquariums sporting a variety of fish (cichlids are my new favorites), I live for football season when I can cheer on the Oregon Ducks and be disappointed by my Seattle Seahawks once again. I am a fan of Cookie Monster, KISS, and Dr. Who (along with most things British).

As a person who always dreamed of writing as well as one completely enthralled by all things zombie, it is hard to believe that I never once considered writing in the genre. It is true. I wanted to be more “mainstream”. The first novel I actually wrote is titled Dakota (as Todd Brown). It is about a pair of DEA types tossed back in time to just prior to the start of the Civil War. They are in Charleston, South Carolina, and one of them is an African-American.

The zombie thing really started when I wrote a short for a college Creative Writing class. The teacher, Ms. Bose, pulled me up and told me I had an obvious love for the subject and a real talent for the style. I decided to give it a shot.

The first thing I cobbled together was Zomblog. I wrote it as a warm up for the project I had brewing in the back of my mind. It is a journal account of the apocalypse. The funny thing is that it was never intended to be published. A few things happened and it ended up being presented to me as a gift in book format by my wife for a Christmas present. There was something I will never forget about holding the copy of that book in my hand the first time.

Because it gained a readership, and those readers asked for more, I made it a trilogy (Zomblog, Zomblog II, and Zomblog: The Final Entry). It is also because of those fans that I have returned to the Zomblog universe and am set to release the fourth installment on Halloween of 2012: Zomblog: Snoe. I freely admit that I will sellout my plans to write what the fans ask for. I really want my DEAD series to be what I am known for, but until it sees the sales numbers of the Zomblog titles…I guess I will keep writing Zomblog. However, I will say that with the release of the fourth book in the DEAD series (DEAD: Winter), the numbers are starting to pick up.

The DEAD series (DEAD: The Ugly Beginning, DEAD: Revelations, and DEAD: Fortunes & Failures and the recent release—May 30, 2012—of DEAD: Winter) is scheduled to be a 12 part epic series. It is told in three rotating chapters. One is from the first person perspective of Steve Hobart, a man thrust into the role of leader for a group of survivors struggling to keep alive. One chapter follows a group of four self-professed zombie “geeks” who initially believe that the zombie apocalypse would be fun and soon discover that it is nothing like the movies. The third of the rotating chapters is called “Vignettes” and is a series of snapshots from all around the world. Some of the vignettes are single chapter episodes, others are continuing threads that carry on for several chapters. A few are merged into the Steve story or the Geek story line.

His blog can be found at:


You can contact him at:



You can follow him on twitter @maydecpub and on Facebook under Todd Brown, Author TW Brown, and also under May December Publications.


Book Links:










Other Titles:










The Lovely Michelle Wright 



I am a psychic medium, former journalist and now a full time author. I also admit to being a self proclaimed red-bull drinker who resides in the beautiful city of Gent in Belgium with my son. I’ve had a lifelong love affair with reading and creating stories starting so early I can’t even pinpoint when it began. I was born and grew up in London England but I didn’t stay there as I caught the travel bug early in life and travelled extensively living in Spain and the US. I now believe that I have finally put down roots and so far I’ve published four novels with more on the way-each one in the paranormal genre.

I always had a love affair with books. Growing up it was the classics; Shakespeare, Hemingway and the Bronte’s. While all my school friends were reading teen magazines I was busy dissecting Macbeth and The Taming of the Shrew. I wrote reams and reams of short stories storing them neatly in box, dreaming of one day writing a book. I tried to ignore the psychic happenings that surrounded me. My mother was a medium and she repeatedly told me that one day I would embrace it and do what she was doing. I ignored her prophecy until many years later.

In my teens I managed to get one of my short stories published in a women’s magazine. I was the youngest writer they’d ever had and my mother had to sign permission for it to be published. I jumped around for weeks naively thinking they would want all my stories. I was wrong, after two rejections my teenage bubble burst and I got busy with other things. I continued to write, everything going into a box and years later when I became a journalist part of my dream had been realised. But still I wanted to write novels and it wasn’t until I was completely settled that the time was right thanks to Indie publishing. Now, 4 books later and one a Bestseller I don’t intend to stop anytime soon and; it might be a good idea to retrieve those stories from the box-maybe there’s something interesting…

One of my latest projects Ghost Hall was to become exciting and fascinating as my plot unfolded. I was given the great opportunity to write series four of JR Rain and Scott Nicholson’s Ghost File adventures and right from the start it was more than just a book. Finding an actual abandoned building in Belgium centuries old that was stunning and spooky was more than coincidence. I’d walked past the narrow side street many times before but never looked. That day I did and I was drawn to walk towards the grand entrance thinking, ‘’this is Ghost Hall.’’ I had a title and a plot buzzing in my head and wrote the novella in less than three weeks. I brought Monty and Ellen Drew, intrepid paranormal investigators to the city of Antwerp to uncover the deadly secrets of the haunted hall. It turned out to be more than just a ghost story as I uncovered a massive cover-up in Belgium over 60 years before. Since the release of Ghost Hall it’s been a great success, and I’m turning over my other novels to a publisher-so watch this space…

Curious to know more?

Blog. http://michellemariellewright.blogspot.be/

Fan Club page. http://www.facebook.com/groups/196668037132823/

Author Page. http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B007IRLPFW

Twitter. https://twitter.com/Michelle7wright




The Awesome Jaime Johnesee


           I've always been a writer. I remember in the second grade my teacher handed us these cloth covered books and asked us to come up with a story. I loved it. From that moment on I knew I'd always write stories. I never imagined it would be my career. I focused very hard on becoming a zookeeper and worked at it for fourteen years before a genetic illness made its presence known and shut the door on that life.


            I started my new life by writing my first novel as a one year anniversary gift for my husband. I figured the traditional one year gift is paper so this would be perfect. Then flowed a novella, second, third, and fourth novels, two more novellas, and more short stories than I knew what to do with. I'm trunking the earlier works because they need so much attention and right now I can't stop having new ideas and writing better books; perhaps one day I'll dust them off and rework them. For now they serve as an accomplishment and a reminder that I'm not just a writer but I'm also an author.


            I'm currently working on the sequel to a novelette I released in June. In 'Shifters' we are introduced to Samantha Reece; she's a sarcastic werejaguar FBI agent. In this world I created, wereanimals were born of a virus created by mankind in the early part of the twentieth century. We meet Sam in the middle of a case she's working. Someone is killing women in a very gruesome and horrible fashion, she works to track down the killer and is surprised by what she finds. She's accompanied by her best friend and partner Quinn, and meets the man who is responsible for turning her into a werejaguar aka black panther (the animal not the militant group.) To her surprise there is an attraction there she didn't quite count on, something that requires further exploration.


            There is much more awaiting Sam in the sequel. We learn more about her sire as well as learning why he waited so long to return. You will also get to know Sam better and see a bit of her life before she began hunting murderers. I hope readers enjoy the second one in this series as much as they have the first.


            If you would like to know more about me you can visit me at:








The wonderful Susan McSherry!




I’ve been a horror buff my entire life. My first movie that I can remember was Dawn of the Dead (The original). I started in the literary world of horror when I was old enough to read & comprehend what I was reading. Stephen King was my first. Since then, I’ve become an avid & voracious reader of all genres, but horror remains my true love.

I’m a wife, a mother, a business owner, a reader, a movie goer, a reviewer AND a professional editor. I wear many hats.

I accidentally wandered into doing reviews & editing in 2011. It all started with a book called Don of The Living Dead by RobertDecoteau. I was thrilled with it, and as a result, I felt compelled to look him up on Facebook. I just wanted to let him know that I loved his work. Consequently, after several conversations, he added me to a Facebook group, where he told everyone that he thought I was amazing & to have me do reviews for them. So began the adventure.

Since then, I’ve done many reviews, many edits & have made many, many good friends, including Mr. Jerry McKinney, whom I include among some of my closest.

Thanks to Jerry & some of our other mutual connections, I’ve been able to become a successful editor, with ideas of becoming a publisher in the future.

If you’ve not read any of Jerry’s books, you’re in for a real treat. All of his books are amazingly written; colorful universes, in which anything is possible. He writes in all genres; from vampires to zombies. All of his work is phenomenal, & gets better every time.

OK, I think that pretty much covers it... :)



My personal FB page is www.facebook.com/doubledownsusan

Top Shelf Editing & Publishing is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Top-Shelf-Editing-Publishing/350568761695864

My business email (for editing) is susanzedits@gmail.com





This is David Bernstein!



I’d say my first introduction to horror was watching Alfred Hitchcock with my mom, and then The House of Usher. I remember seeing the woman in the hall, blood coming from her eyes. That freaking scared the crap out of me. I loved anything with monsters, Creature from the Black Lagoon and the awesome 3D glasses you got at the fast food chains. Then it was on to Halloween and Friday the 13th. I watched a ton of other films, the gorier the better and didn’t do much in the way of anything with my imagination.

            I’ve always had this desire to express the stories in my head, but whether it was maturity or timing, I never did anything until 2009. I just started typing up a story that popped into my head. I felt so good. There was a time when I wanted to be a movie director, but never pursued it. I realize now that writing is like directing a film, except I’m in charge of everything, including special effects, casting and all.

            I am a storyteller. I hope I’m a good one. I write because it’s what dwells within me. I think people have things they are passionate about. I think people are built with certain talents, and if you are lucky enough to find and enjoy them, then what could be better? 


            *           *           * 


            I am originally from Upstate New York, moved to Long Island after my undergraduate degree to pursue teaching, but that wasn’t for me. I met my girlfriend some years later and eventually moved to Brooklyn. The city has its advantages, but I hope one day to live in a more woodsy area. I enjoy the quiet, trees, and animals. I like looking up and seeing the stars, and being able to park with ease.



            *           *           * 


            I wrote my first novel during the 2010 year. It started out as a short story. But it wasn’t finished. It left a HUGE question. So I wrote more chapters. Before I knew it, I had written a novel. I couldn’t believe it. And now that novel, the first one I ever wrote, is coming out November of this year, 2012, from Samhain Publishing. It’s called Amongst the Dead and is a coming of age tale. Riley is a 13-year-old girl left alone in a world that has been devastated by the undead. Gangs rule the cities, religious cults have popped up, and people are just plain nuts. Amongst the Dead is a supernatural/horror undead novel. I was a little worried about writing from the viewpoint of a child, but so far the feedback has been wonderful.


            My novel, Machines of the Dead book 1 is out now from Severed Press. It’s a Sci Fi/ Horror zombie novel. Book 1 is about escaping Manhattan, which is overrun by the undead, but not for the reasons you might think. The book was written for the action/zombie fan, but my undead have a twist. A bite doesn’t mean you are dead. It takes place under NYC in a secret bunker. Machines of the Dead book 2 should be out shortly and picks up directly where book 1 ends.

            In September, I have another novel coming out called, Tears of No Return. It combines two genres, Sci Fi and Horror. It deals with extraterrestrials and the supernatural. No zombies! It’s loaded with action, chases, and individuals with some really awesome abilities. I wrote this one as I was getting rejection after rejection on Amongst the Dead. That being said, don’t ever give up, take the rejection and move on. Keep writing no matter what. My first two novels were rejected PLENTY! But they eventually found great homes. 


            I just finished up my next Samhain title, Damaged Souls, which deals heavily with loss and a man who must stop a demon from opening a gateway to Hell.


            You can check out David’s website/blog at davidbernsteinauthor.blogspot.com and reach him on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/david.bernstein.3. He’d love to hear from you.





Some quotes about David’s writing and his work.


On my writing. 


"David Bernstein is a real craftsman, and one of the most thrilling voices to come along in a decade. He's who you should be reading now."
—Joe McKinney, author of Flesh Eaters and Apocalypse of the Dead

“David Bernstein is a rare kind of writer who really delivers the goods when it comes to horror. He'll be burning up the best seller lists soon. Count on it.”
—Eric S Brown, author of A Pack of Wolves

"David Bernstein's work resonates off the page, unforgettable in its elegant delivery, a ripple effect no doubt translating to ever bigger and vaster audiences as he continues to terrify -- and impress!"
—Gregory L. Norris, author of The Q Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“Bernstein’s horror is relentless. Take a deep breath and strap yourself in for the ride.”

—David Dunwoody, author of Empire and The Harvest Cycle


“If you were thinking of sleep after reading Bernstein, think again. You might never wake up.”

—Craig Saunders, author of A Stranger’s Grave and The Love of the Dead


On Machines of the Dead:


“Machines of the Dead is the perfect blend of sci-fi and undead horror...” --Zombiephiles

”The story is, imaginative, edgy and is a very inventive zombie story. Machines of the Dead was a thoroughly pleasurable reading experience.” --Living Dead Media

”If you want something like Resident Evil but with more substance and a more interesting plot, read Machines of the Dead.” --thedarkdeva.com           



Well Hello William Cook!

Hi and thankyou for letting me stain the page, here on Mr McKinney’s very cool ‘Taste of Gore’.


You have probably never heard of it, but I live in Wellington – the small wind-blown capital city of New Zealand. I have been writing weird stories and acting weird ever since I was a kid. My first published works were poems in various literary journals in NZ and a few in the States. Back in 1996 I published a collection of verse titled ‘Journey: The Search for Something’ and had the occasional poem and short story published online, but nothing really of note until 2010 when Lee Pletzers from Triskaideka Books accepted my story ‘The Devil Inside’ for the 2010 Masters of Horror Anthology. I have always loved the Horror genre and dark literature, so this really inspired me to write what I loved rather than what I thought other people wanted to read and it has finally started to pay off. The thing I love about the Horror and Thriller genre is that a good story will get your pulse racing and your heart thumping. I feel it is the best medium to create a world where the reader feels alive because they are experiencing fear of some sort. Sounds sadistic I know, but I find personally that no other genre gives me the thrills I seek when I immerse myself in a fictional world.

            I have recently signed a contract with Nicholas Grabowsky and Black Bed Sheet Books to re-release my first novel, ‘Blood Related’ (originally published by Angelic Knight Press in December 2010), and the sequel that I’m hoping will be released early 2013. The sequel is tentatively titled ‘Blood Trail’ and deals more with the character of Detective Ray Truman, as he struggles with his own demons and his obsessive pursuit of Caleb Cunningham, the main character in ‘Blood Related’. Essentially, it is more of a traditional Thriller novel than ‘Blood Related,’ but promises plenty of Horror scenes that should appease readers of the first novel.

            Writing, what has ultimately turned into a triology (yes, there is a prequel in the works also), has been a labor of love and has taken me the last ten years to write, so I am looking forward to the relaunch which will include a new cover, fresh edits, and an amazing book trailer designed by CyrusFiction Productions. ‘Blood Related’ is about a disturbed young man called Caleb Cunningham, whose violent father is a suspected serial killer and mother, an insane alcoholic. After his father’s suicide, Cunningham’s disturbing fantasy-life becomes reality, as he begins his killing spree in earnest. His identical twin brother Charlie is released from an asylum and all hell is about to break loose, when the brothers combine their deviant talents. Blood Related is a serial-killer/crime novel told in a first-person narrative style from the killer’s (Caleb’s) point-of-view. It has had good reviews in the past and I’m hoping the relaunch will take it to a new level and pave the way for the accompanying books in the series.

            I am currently co-authoring two true-crime books with best-selling True Crime author RJ Parker, and finishing a collection of short Horror/dark fiction titled ‘Macabre,’ due for release this September.

            As a debut novelist, I don’t really feel in a position to offer advice to others, but if I had to I would say that having a ‘thick skin’ and a certain degree of tenacity is crucial if you want to be a published writer. My perseverance has paid off and I have been priviliged to have authors I look up to, give me feedback on my book. People like Jonathan Nasaw, Guy N Smith, Laird Barron, Mark Edward Hall, John Paul Allen, and Nicholas Grabowsky, have all been kind enough to read and review my work – something I would never have believed possible until now.


Here are a few of the quotes my work has received so far:


"Dark and deeply disturbing."
- Jonathan Nasaw, author of Fear Itself and The Girls He Adored.

"Blood Related is a nasty but nuanced take on the serial killer genre. Cook's
bruising tale of twin psychopaths who are as cold as mortuary slabs is not for the weak-kneed."
- Laird Barron, author of Occultation and The Imago Sequence.

"A thought-provoking thriller."
- Guy N Smith, author of Night of The Crabs and Deadbeat.

"Great - Riveting - Amazing - take your pick. I just read William Cook's Blood Related for the second time. Both readings were followed with one thought, Wow. A horrific crime-filled tale of terror that makes us understand why we lock our doors at night, Blood Related is by far the best read I've experienced in years."
- John Paul Allen, author of Monkey Love and Gifted Trust

"Blood Related is a terrifying psychological thriller. William Cook is an author to watch." 
- Mark Edward Hall, author of The Lost Village and The Holocaust Opera.

"William Cook makes serial killer fiction exciting again! Expert narrative, bursting with flare, originality, and enough passion and brutality that even a real-life serial killer will love this book . . . and it's twisted and complex enough to make you question your own sanity after the first intense read."
- Nicholas Grabowsky, best-selling author of Halloween IV and Everborn.



If the readers out there would like more information on ‘Blood Related’, including bibliographical and background information on the extensive research and reading I did while creating the novel, please visit: http://bloodrelated.wordpress.com/. Alternatively, visit my Amazon author’s page to check out my work: http://www.amazon.com/William-Cook/e/B003PA513I/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1



You can check out William Cook’s writing here: http://williamcookwriter.blogspot.com/, and his Macabre Art and book cover designs here: http://nzartist.blogspot.com/.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WilliamCookWriterIllustrator

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/williamcook666


Hello Jeffrey Kosh!



I always loved writing, and, somehow, I did it even when wasn’t a writer.

When I was a kid, used to invent new stories from old ones; using puppets and the house scenery to lay out new worlds and new characters. I did this with two dear friends, yet, it was always me directing the drama.

Teen years: I became a Dungeon Master. One of those nerdish guys refereeing adventures of –well, you know that fantasy game with warriors, elves, dwarves, and dragons. That was my school of storytelling, I made my bones on writing whole stories (called campaigns) divided in daily – or weekly – episodes (called adventures). My players learned early to not expect too much dice-rolling in my games; I liked drama and character’s development.

Later, it almost became a job. That means they paid me to direct tournaments. I hated
that, but loved the extra bucks. In the ‘pro’ world of role-playing gaming I found new grounds, becoming a ‘Storyteller’ (that was the name for a Game Master in World of Darkness games) for Vampire’s chronicles. I became a ‘Keeper’ for Call of Cthulhu, a rpg based on H.P. Lovecraft’s works. And a Director for rpgs based on Star Trek, Star Wars, and so on.

That was also hard. Being a GM means you are screenwriter, director, set decorator, all rolled into one. Add to that you must play the whole world in which your players live, and you must act all the characters they meet; from peasant to mighty dragon, and you get the idea how much my mind was crowded.

Life decided I had to make a break from writing fantasies, and I ended up doing all kinds of jobs: from waiter to masonry, from real estate to receptionist. Hell, I also worked for a mortician, once. 
However, my passion stood with me. 

I wrote stories for me, mostly, eager to sculpt on paper
whatever weird idea came to my mind. I had several creative jobs, too: from special effects for a Sci-Fi series (can’t tell you which one) to photography and advertising. Yet, being the odd guy I am, I always ended jumping to a job to another.

Then, I had this strange idea: writing a novel. It all started on Facebook. I had some published authors as friends. They read a short tale I released weekly on my page for free, some kind of serial chiller. 

It was titled‘Black Schooner’ and is the real ancestor to my actual success: Dead Men Tell No Tales.
They liked it, and encouraged me to write and publish at Lulu. So, in June 2011, my mind was invaded by this strange guy, Dr. Axel J. Hyde. He was a killer, but it wasn’t his entire fault, because there was something inside, urging him to spill blood and behave as an asocial individual.

Feeding the Urge had its first spark of light in a stormy night of January the 1st 2012, in Ao Nang, Thailand. If you look at the publishing date, you’ll find it’s different, but I assure you I uploaded those damn files that terrible night, and by the way, it was already Jan. 2nd in Thailand.

This creature, moved with a bump and a hump, yet received some of the best reviews I couldn’t dream for. 
Next, came‘Spirits and Thought Forms: Tales from Prosperity Glades’. It is an anthology of short stories set in the same fictional town of ‘Feeding the Urge’, some kind of companion to the novel, explaining most of the mysteries I left unsolved in the main title.

Later, a small publishing house contacted me, requesting a short story for an upcoming anthology based on alternate historical worlds with zombies. I submitted ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ and ‘The South Will Rise Again’. The anthology never appeared, but I self-pubbed both stories on Kindle select program and that allowed me a bit of visibility.
Then, I had this weird idea of trying my hand on a non-horror story. It started as a small piece of erotica and slowly grew into a full-length novel titled ‘Thrill of the Hunt’. 

Yet, destiny had other plans. I was halfway in the story when the town I’m living in suffered a major power outage for three successive days. There was nothing I could do without electricity, so spent my days chatting with my wife. And don’t ask me how, the idea for REVENANT came out of those chats.

As ‘Feeding’,this thing infected me with a feverish need. Set in 1850’s
Louisiana, and mixing traditional Voodoo belief with ancient European folklore, I wrote this story in an artsy and stylish way. Remember those horror comics’ books from the late ‘70s? 

They were the ancestors of today’s graphic novels, full of grim and dreary atmospheres, narrated often in third or second person … but always in present tense. 

I love REVENANT. Now, I’m almost ready to publish ‘Thrill of the Hunt’, and am really curious to see my readers’ reaction to this evil and wicked tale of sex and betrayal. I also decided to go on hiatus after this, because this writing career is ruining my marriage. 

Nonetheless, I cannot.

I discovered that writing is my life; I can’t simply choose to stop writing as much as can’t stop breathing. 
Not writing is death to me.

So, forgive me, but I’m going to haunt the writing world for a long time….





"Jeffrey Kosh has a sensitive and educated way with words. I expect this writer to go far and to do great work. It makes me happy to watch his literary growth. The man can write." Billie Sue Mosiman - Author of Banished (Edgars Award Nominated Author).
Jeffrey Kosh is the pen name of a horror author turned into a Digital Nomad. He is also a cover artist and part-time actor. He had various art experiences, before discovering his love for writing fiction. His various careers have led him to travel extensively worldwide, developing a passion for photography, wildlife, history, and popular folklore. All these things heavy influenced his writing style. Extroverted in public, he is very private in his work, preferring complete isolation to ‘tune’ his mind to the ‘Great Tales Radio’. He believes stories are already out there, waiting to be put on paper. Kosh is currently traveling in South East Asia and has no intent in setting roots.
He loves kayaking, horseback riding, hiking, and never relaxes ...




Louisiana. 1850.

In the bayou, something that should be dead arises animated by a single thought: Revenge.

Across the swamplands, a drum summons it into a terrible night of murder and lost memories.

Voodoo tradition mixes with European legends in this cinematic tale from the author of ‘The South Will Rise Again’ and ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’.





Apple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/revenant/id543159526?mt=11

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0089MYYJ4

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/revenant-jeffrey-kosh/1111939782

Lulu.com: http://www.lulu.com/shop/jeffrey-kosh/revenant/ebook/product-20315392.html#

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/169628

Diesel: http://www.diesel-ebooks.com/item/SW00000169628/Kosh-Jeffrey-Revenant/1.html

Sony: http://ebookstore.sony.com/ebook/jeffrey-kosh/revenant/_/R-400000000000000742243



The Amazing Ian Woodhead!

Why do I write?

I can’t imagine not writing, not now, anyway. I think the urge to write had lain dormant ever since I was spat into this plane of existence. It took a bang on the head for the urge to create worlds with letters to finally smile and wave to my conscious.

That was over twenty years ago. That urge to write wasn’t the only desire that made itself known. Over the next few years, I obsessed on countless hobbies and pastimes, after a couple of months of one hobby, I’d become bored and find another one to obsess over. Yet, I always went back to writing and, of course, reading.

I haven’t answered the main question have I? That, is, well, that’s because, I can’t answer it. I don’t know why I write, why I enjoy creating fictional characters and placing them into dire situations. Hell, I don’t always even enjoy writing a lot of the times. It’s just something that I do.

Sorry, it’s a crap answer, I know that, but, well….tough. It’s the best I can give you. Ask me an easier one next time!


Ian Woodhead grew up in the English countryside.  His mother was a teacher and his father was a private jet pilot/ Rock Star.  Upon graduating from high school at the age of 14, he  got his Phd by age 16.  When not professionaly modeling, he took up professional soccer and Equestrian Eventing as a hobbies.   He became one of the UK’s "10 Most Interesting Men in the World" for the years 1990-1998, when they had to exempt him from participating.  He married his long time sweetheart and they settled in the Northern part of England.  They have 5 children and each child has shown signs of brilliance by skipping grades in school and tutoring younger children.  Currently, in Ian’s spare time he volunteers at the local animal shelters and the local food banks…….NOT!! (Ian let me make this up...:-) )


Ian is in his 40’s.  Married and has plenty of children.  He makes his home in Northern England.  (And he has a GREAT sense of humor!)

You can find Ian's books at:  http://www.amazon.com/Ian-Woodhead/e/B004G7514S/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1345152716&sr=8-2-ent

Or for Amazon UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=sr_tc_2_0?rh=i%3Astripbooks%2Ck%3AIan+Woodhead&keywords=Ian+Woodhead&ie=UTF8&qid=1345152805&sr=8-2-ent&field-contributor_id=B004G7514S     

                                        From Duplicity

We are a dying race, William. Unfortunately, for you, our species is very adaptable. They are here to stay and they only desire to do two things. They need to feed and breed. I sense that some of the yearlings have already hatched and you need to believe me, William. Our young are always very hungry.




Welcome Craig Saunders!!


Writing for love and money - a note for beginners...


That's the long and short of it, really. What makes me tick, what makes me write. I'm not a romantic. It's a business. As such, I treat it like you would any other job. Maybe with a little more dedication than I've shown other jobs...


Once, way back when I 'worked' for a living, I took sick days. Now, I'm my own boss. I can't afford to take a sick day, a sick week.


I don't think I'm a successful writer. Not by a long chalk. But I do consider myself a writer. I write for money. I use that money to pay bills. That seems to me to be the definition of a job. I love my work, too. That helps. It helps a hell of a lot.


A lot of what a writer does requires drive. Whether it be a pressing bill, or a deep love or fascination for a character or an idea. I think the reason I've published so many books this year alone (17 to date) is because of that love, and that drive, and bills.


Neither love nor money waits. Mojo, muse, however you need to look at it, for a writer running a business, for me, definitely, they're nice but not essential. What is essential is drive. Bum. On. Chair.


Typing and telling fibs. That's all it is. That's what I keep telling myself.


I've got my bum on my chair now, and I'm about to go finish my 18th novel, which I'll self-publish this year, too. After that? Another 1000 words, each day, every day, until I can't do it anymore.


This is, after all, my job. And I love it.


Now, Billy Big Biscuit's I'm not - this is a note for beginners. I just read it back. I'm still a beginner, too, but I've got my bum on the chair. I'm staring at a blank page, waiting for a novel to come out. But I'm not making excuses. If you're all out of excuses not to write, too, I'll race you to the finish line. ;)



For more on my work, please visit: www.petrifiedtank.blogspot.com or visit www.petrifiedtank.weebly.com


Craig Saunders lives in Norfolk, England with his wife and three children, who he pretends to listen to while making up stories in his head.


He has published more than two dozen short stories, and is the author of many novels including Rain (Twisted Library Press). Spiggot (Grand Mal Press), The Love of the Dead (Evil Jester Press) and A Stranger's Grave (Grand Mal Press).


He blogs at http://www.petrifiedtank.blogspot.com/


His latest novel, A Stranger's Grave, is now available in paperback and on Kindle.



A Stranger's Grave


The dead rise, and only the dead can rock them back to sleep...but sometimes it falls to the living to do what the dead cannot.


Elton Burlock's done his time.  Twenty-six years for a terrible murder.  Some of those years were hard, some easy.  On the outside, he takes the only job he can find - the custodian of a local cemetery.  A simple job, keeping the grass tidy...giving the dead a haircut.


But there are three black angels in the cemetery:  a little girl's ghost that roams the night... and two women, one a vision in white, one a nightmare in black.


When the killing starts, who can rock the restless dead back to sleep?  Who but Elton?  Elton, custodian of the dead, but the gatekeeper, too.  The keeper of this world and the next.


The dead are awake.  The little girl is free of the earth.  But there are no lullabies for the dead and if he's going to live, Elton's going to have to give her what she wants.


Then, maybe, he can find peace for them both - in the grave or out.


"With A Stranger's Grave, Saunders has written a truly dark, atmospheric and character driven tale, packed with page-turning mystery, sorrow, and jaw-dropping reveal that will leave readers haunted long after they've gone to bed."  -- David Bernstein, author of Machines of the Dead and Amongst the Dead.




This is Trent Zelazny!



 Trent has written for as long as he can remember. When he was younger it was a form of escape from life's ordeals and loneliness. When his fiance took her life in 2010, it became a way to cope with life on all new levels, as well as a form of serious therapy.

 He was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has lived in California, Oregon, Arizona, and Florida. He is currently back in Santa Fe. He also loves NBA basketball.


Trent Zelazny is the Nightmare Award-winning author of To Sleep Gently, Fractal Despondency, Shadowboxer, The Day the Leash Gave Way and Other Stories, Destination Unknown, A Crack in Melancholy Time, and his newest novella, Butterfly Potion. His short story “The House of Happy Mayhem” received an honorable mention in Best Horror of the Year 2009.

His first anthology, Mirages: Tales from Authors of the Macabre, will be released by Black Curtain Press in late August, and his novel Too Late to Call Texas is scheduled for release in September, also from Black Curtain Press.




Website: www.trentzelazny.com

FB: http://www.facebook.com/trentzelazny


Twitter: @trentzelazny


The best (and only) Trent Zelazny fan site: http://www.zelaznyites.com/




Meet Jo-Anne Russell

Jo-Anne Russell was taken by the hand, and led into the darkness by a series of life-altering events. Consumed by fear, depression, and an obsession of the macabre, she started writing her feelings in a collection of poetry. As time passed, she channeled her thoughts into a series of short and flash horror fiction, where she can torture and mutilate people legally. Her work has appeared in many anthologies, as well as a self-published collection entitled, “Trespass.”

 Often referred to as “sweet,” her good nature has been put to the test, and so, her debut novel, “The Nightmare Project,” was born. This is the first book in the “Dangerous Minds,” trilogy; due for release in October, 2012.

Jo-Anne enjoys surrounding herself with like-minded people, where her creative nature can be nurtured, and explored.

On the outside, she is a loving wife, and mother to nine children, while inside she is always fuelling the fire of fear.

Connect with Jo-Anne online...if you dare.

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0078JJL7E

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fictisha?ref=tn_tnmn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Fictisha

Author Website: http://www.jo-annerussell.ca (Currently under construction.)


You can read a preview of Trespass, or The Nightmare Project here:

Trespass:  https://www.createspace.com/3749640,

The Nightmare Project: https://www.createspace.com/

Hello Melissa Stevens!


It is my pleasure to 'meet' you! I truly appreciate this!

As for my 'About Me'...

Melissa Stevens is a self-taught author and illustrator. She has several published works in the Vicious Horror Anthologies, I Believe in Werewolves Anthology, and coming soon, Spirits of the Night Anthology and Dangers Untold Anthology..

'The Evolution of a Conceptual God' was her first introduction into the world of creating book covers, and since that day she has been hooked. Quickly following, she created several illustrations for a poetry book, drawing inspiration from the words of the page and her surroundings. She is NetBound Publishing's in-house cover artist, while also creating works for self publishing authors seeking quality covers.

Her first published work was 'Rage', accepted in an online magazine. In the following years, she published 'Subliminal Zombification', 'Wrong Kind of Hero', 'Janie Moss and the Other Point-oh-Two', 'The Desk', 'A Shadow in Time', all in the Vicious Horror Trilogy, 'The Reunion', 'The Seventh Son' in I Believe in Werewolves: An Anthology of Wolfen Terror and 'Screams of Death', in the debut issue of The Corner Club Press magazine. Her shorts 'On Evil Ground' and 'The Lake' will be published in the coming months.

She lives with her husband, daughter and three unruly cats in rural East Tennessee.

If you would like to be in touch, please contact her by TheIllustratedAuthor@gmail.com

As for more personal...

I do most of my work in the middle of the night, after my daughter and husband are asleep. I prefer to work quietly, because I have a serious problem with distractions, haha. I can't honestly say which media I prefer more; writing or drawing. Art has always been a large part of my life and while I really wanted to go to school for it, the family budget just wasn't large enough. I received my first copy of an art program in 1996, Corel Draw while working in a grocery store a few miles from home. The store had a bargain bin, and the book, along with (most likely a student) copy of the program. On my tiny 100Mb computer (yes, that was the size of my enormous hard drive) I began to mostly play with family member's pictures; distort them, place clip art over them, and such. I attended college for Civil Engineering up until my junior year, when I was told the main objective of a Civil Engineer is waste management. I decided then, it wasn't really for me. I tried different avenues, but nothing really stuck and I was certain I had career ADD. Several years later, after moving back home to help take care of my grandmother, I decided to go back to school. This time for Education. I always told myself if I was ever going to be a teacher, I would be either an art or a math teacher. I went for Elementary. Go figure. I ended up changing, once again, this time to Mathematics. (I did finish that time, sort of. I graduated the community college with an Associate of Arts.)

Art never left the picture, it just changed forms for me. I cross stitched, painted, attempted to quilt and crochet, and every once and a while would play around with PhotoShop on my computer. I took up writing again in the summer of '06, after a major surgery. I was housebound for a couple of months and decided one day to take the plunge. I wrote my first book in a little over a month. And it was bad. Full of plot holes and cliches, not to mention poor grammar. And tag lines! What, pray tell, are those? For they certainly didn't fit in my book. I was so proud, though, and decided to write another. The second took around two months, and was actually better. I found a writer's website and pasted that puppy up there, and received a fair amount of feedback, both bad and good. I think it was then, that I actually believed I might be able to hone the craft of writing.

While in this writer's website, I found friends, and one took me to another website, dedicated to helping writers. Exactly what I needed. There, I met Jerry McKinney, or Tibolt, along with a lot of other wonderful writers, all with a need to do better. I also began making 'logos' for the site's groups. Once again, I pulled out PhotoShop, and this time, I started hunting for help on it as well. Within the year I had created my first book cover. That particular website gave me the moral boost for my stories, an outlet for my art and friends that I am lucky enough to still talk with and receive, as well as give, support.

I like to think that every day I grow in some way. Whether it be in my art, my writing, as a mother or a wife, I want to believe that each day I get a bit better, or I learn a little more.

Please visit my website at:

Hello Janus Gangi!





Hi everyone my name is Janus but most people call me Jan for short.

Recently I have seen numerous posts from authors who have decided to give up their dreams of writing, and this saddens me. They state many different reasons for their decision, but what it all boils down to words. Words we write, words we read, words we use to encourage each other and words we use to criticize and tear each other down. Yes, we are in the business of words. And so, with that in mind, there are a few words I would like to give you.

 Please bear in mind, I am not an editor, an English scholar, a publisher, nor am I a bestselling author. I am a dreamer and that, my dear friends, is what we have in common. So from one dreamer to another let me give you some advice, and then later on down the road when I feel like throwing in the towel you can remind me about what I once said.

First of all, STOP going to check sales every day. Think for one moment -- what was the reason you first sat down to write? Was it to be an independently wealthy, bestselling author? Or was it because you had something inside you screaming and scratching its way to the surface destined to come out? Ahhh yes, there are many out there who have numerous degrees in English and creative writing, who planned from the get go that they were going to write. But for many of us, writing came to us as a surprise. Who would have thought that we could accomplish anything as monumental as writing a book? But once we started, the words came to life. Words became our lovers, our slave masters and our obsession. There are no words in a sales report -- only numbers. We are not mathematicians. We are writers. If you have the mistaken impression that sales reflects how many people are reading your work, here's a news flash. Some books are bought and never read. Did you write the book to sell it or did you write the book to have someone read it? There are three million books listed on Amazon alone, and at least five times as many readers shopping every day looking for reading material. Did you expect them to all find your book today and buy it? That is highly unlikely; chances are months will go by before a reader will discover your book. Is that discouraging? Not at all. There are people destined to read your work. The universe has a way of connecting people with what they should read when the time is right. Now just might not be the right time. Now that your work is out there, it is eternal. So stop looking at the numbers and get back to concentrating on the words.

Secondly, LISTEN to what people who have read your book are saying good, and bad. Yes, there are people who are just going to flat out not like your work. If you asked all of your friends their opinion about your new haircut, most likely not all will like it. Some will say that they like your hair parted the other way, or that they liked it when it was longer. Some will say, “WOW that looks great on you!” There will be those who say, “You really should have gone to my salon. My stylist knows the latest cuts” The point I am making is that your haircut is a reflection of your personal style. It is how you present yourself to the world around you, and so is your work. So, when a friend suggests that maybe you should part your hair the other way, d you give up? Shave all your hair off and never grow hair again? Of course not. You either consider it, or smile nicely and do as you please. But tell me -- how many of you the next time you comb your hair part it the other way just to have a look for yourself? Out of every bad review is a hint as to how you can improve your work. Maybe you need to part your hair on the other side. It might be worth a try.

I had a very limited amount of reviews, all of them basically same the same thing. I have a great story, but the editing needs work. So what shall I do? Trash it? NO, I find another editor. I might not be the best English scholar, but I have a story to tell. So I will reedit and improve my work until it shines. I have no intention of giving up, and neither should you! Oh, I expect that there are people who will be just plain cruel and ridicule for me for my effort, but I will bless them and move forward. After all, this is my dream, not theirs. I also don't expect everyone to like my story, but that's fine, one happy reader is good enough for me. All the additional ones are gravy. As far as sales, have only checked them once and never again. When I get a check in the mail it is a pleasant surprise.

The next is PERSEVERE. This may sound corny but, being an author is like having a love affair with words. And with all love affairs come the responsibility of the relationship. Loyalty, trust, devotion, and patience are just some of the responsibilities, but they should sound familiar to you. As I mentioned before, the words have a life of their own. So why shouldn't we treat them with all the respect due any other living being, especially one that we love? Would you do anything at all for the one you love? Would you not have patience while the one you loved grew and blossomed into their fullest potential? Would you not do everything in your power to help your loved one along on their long and arduous journey? It is a long road from the time you first put pen to paper -- or shall I say input data to the computer (I prefer the poetic way). All relationships take time, and no relationship is meant to be temporary. All relationships are begin with the hope of lasting a long time. So then why do we as authors expect immediate results? Face it, we are in this for the long haul. We must cherish our work and revel in its glories and weep for its downfalls but never abandon it. We should nourish it, have faith in it and trust it to achieve its fullest potential. And that means making sacrifices for the good of the work, including humbling ourselves and not giving into our egos but putting our words first. It is true that “All good things come to those who wait.” And so, please, wait. Don't give up. Your words are wonderful, and I know this because so are you.

I would like to extend my warmest wishes to you and yours as you celebrate the holidays of your faith. May your family flourish in the coming year. May heath and prosperity come knocking at your door And may you be blessed with an extra portion of inspiration.

Just a footnote here:

I am currently rewriting and editing Stolen Moments my first book, but since then I have gone on to publish my next, Elizabeth Rose, that book has received nine 5 star review and I am exceedingly grateful. Twice it placed #1 best seller in free downloads for Historical Fantasy.

Blessed Be

Until the next time...

My bio:

Janus Gangi is a native New Yorker and Native American, so blood has always been a part of her life. After graduating from Flushing High School, where she majored in music, she was a professional singer/ songwriter for a short while. She then went on to medical school and became a Hematology Technologist. She worked for a major non-profit organization, where she was involved in distributing the latest AIDS research information to the top doctors in the United States. She then attended Bible School for six years and went on to be ordained and founded a ministry in New York City.

In the early nineties, she moved to East Tennessee where she returned to her roots in the Pagan tradition and went back to school. She now holds degrees in Religious Studies and Psychology, in addition to the others. She is an avid amateur Egyptologist, and now enjoys her new found love, writing.


In the mood to visit an exotic, faraway land?

Come and experience the tastes and smells of present day and ancient Syria and spend the day at the camel races. Visit a remote Bedouin camp, share their food, sing their songs, and dance with them.

Join Elizabeth Rose as she enters into the age old tradition of storytelling and weaves her incredible tale under a blanket of stars in front of a raging bonfire. It’s history with a twist!



Uk Link:


And don’t forget to get it autographed on Kindlegraph!



And Here is Christine Sutton!



First of all, thank you for having me here! I am absolutely honored to be a featured author here on your page!

At the risk of sounding a little crazy, I am here to tell you that all of my characters are real. One hundred percent flesh and blood real… in my mind.

I like to invest time in each person that I bring to life on paper. To me, they are people that deserve my attention and respect, no matter how bad they might be.

My “career” as a reader has been a lot longer than my career as a writer. I remember when it really started. I was reading my first Stephen King novel, Carrie, when I was in the third grade on a field trip. I fell immediately, totally, helplessly in love with the world that this man had created. I knew at that very moment that what I really wanted to be when I grew up was a writer.

Well, I grew up, but I was still not a writer. I got a job and still not a writer. I got married, but no, still not a writer.

Then it hit me one day, the reason that I was not a writer. I did not write. I read voraciously, and I spun amazing stories inside of my head, but none of them ever made it on paper.

So, as with most things in my life, I woke up one day and decided that I had had enough. I was already in my mid-thirties and I was not getting any younger, so I needed to  put up or shut up, so to speak.

I sat down at my laptop and decided to put up. I began envisioning these “real” people in my head, and the way they would react in different situations. Then I let my fingers take over, and this world I had envisioned came to life. It surprised even me.

Suddenly, I was in fact a writer. I had these stories that I thought were pretty good, and the people that I forced to read them told me that they were pretty good, too.

My next step was to become a published author. That sounded way more sophisticated to me, and like a fat kid feels about a candy bar, I wanted it.

So, along came KDP and I got my chance. I published my first book, and I have yet to look back.

Then I became involved in the most fantastic society I have ever known, the writing community. I suddenly found a group of real people that felt the same way I do.

The people and situations that they create in their minds are one hundred percent flesh and blood real.

I love spending my days in a world filled with zombies, vampires, werewolves, monsters of all shapes and sizes, and the people that have so expertly created them.

In conclusion, (finally….long winded I know, but remember I am a writer) I am so happy that I decided to buck convention and become the person I have always wanted to be. It would never have happened without the support of fans, readers, fellow writers, and of course the bizarre and frightening worlds that each of them has crafted.

So, I thank everyone, starting with Mr. King, winding through readers, and ending with anyone that has had the guts to say, I want to write. Bless you all for your support, criticisms, and candor. Without you, I would simply be someone that wanted to write, but never did.



By the way, here is how you find me:

Amazon Author page:




Facebook Author page:






Christine Sutton is the author of several short stories, novellas, and collections. There is also an impending novel or two in the works. Her work spans multiple genres, and always packs a surprise or two. In the pages of her works you will find serial killers, werewolves, zombies, fairy tale witches, killer shadows, ancient evils and much, much more! With a dose of gore and creepy horror on every page, Christine's work is tendered with humanity and pathos for every character she brings to life on her pages, whether they be hero or villain. Always entertaining and thought provoking, everyone can find something they love, or love to hate.

Currently dividing her time between her two passions, writing and custom cake art, Christine is also busy basking in the warm California sun.


If you would like to contact her, please email Csuttonauthor@att.net. She would love to hear from you!



Killers on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Killers-ebook/dp/B005NH5GK4

Meet Lori Lopez!



Lori R. Lopez wears many hats, including as an author and artist, musician and actress. She is also an activist against abuse and cares deeply about conservation and animal rights. She has always loved books since being read to when small, then reading and writing them herself. She is the author of works spanning multiple categories from Nonfiction to Fiction; novel to story to verse collection; children's fiction, storybooks and more, usually with a blend of genres such as Humor, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural, Thriller, Epic-Adventure and so on. Her titles include OUT-OF-MIND EXPERIENCES, CHOCOLATE-COVERED EYES, DANCE OF THE CHUPACABRAS, and her award-winning novel AN ILL WIND BLOWS.

Lori's stories and verse appear in anthologies such as MASTERS OF HORROR: DAMNED IF YOU DON'T (Triskaideka Books), I BELIEVE IN WEREWOLVES (Netbound Publishing), SOUP OF SOULS (Panic Press), THIRSTY ARE THE DAMNED (Rainstorm Press), THE EPOCALYPSE: EMAILS AT THE END (Pill Hill Press), DEADICATION (Panic Press), and magazines (THE HORROR ZINE ISSUE "GHOSTS AND HAUNTS"; WOMEN EMPOWERMENT). Fifteen of Lori's poems were published for an anthology titled IN DARKNESS WE PLAY (Triskaideka Books). Featured in THE BLACK GLOVE MAGAZINE, Lori is a renegade indie author who believes creative writing should not be standardized or conventional. She and her sons are establishing an entertainment website for their many creative pursuits atwww.trilllogicinnoventions.com, where Lori also writes a passionate often-humorous column called "Poetic Reflections".

The unique adventure AN ILL WIND BLOWS depicts one night when an ordinary person lacking confidence must battle a wicked wind. The stakes are high as she, along with friends and foes, travels through a magical storm world that culminates in a ghost town populated by more than just spirits. This is a story that keeps delivering action and fun throughout. It is more than a single tale in a single genre. The book blends Humor, Horror, and Fantasy.

From the time the characters are sucked into the storm, the reader is transported with them on a strange chaotic trek. Meezly finds herself tangled in a web of chills and intrigue as she attempts to search for a mysterious gem called The Cursed Eye, which her missing father entrusted her to safeguard. The stone was used by a Sumerian king to transform an evil jinn from a wind spirit to a vainglorious force.

This fable is as imaginative and unconventional in style as it is in plot. A vulnerable individual struggling to overcome debilitating losses, Meezly stumbles through a gauntlet of thirteen macabre tribulations down a forest highway. Twists and madness abound during her eclectic hectic journey of the soul. It is a lighthearted yet touching trek that readers will want to take again.

Facing fears and the power of friendship are important themes. Chapters alternate from First Person to multiple Third Person perspectives. The supporting characters, a mixed and quirky bunch of allies or villains, each have their own insightful stories.






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